Top 3 Latest Trends in Home Theater Design

To Experience Great Home Cinema it’s all In the Details

What comes to mind when you hear the words “home theater”? Usually, it’s the screen and the sound system that you think of first. This makes sense as these are the larger components which also represent the visceral part of the experience. Home Theaters though are so much more complex than that. For the best home theater installation near me clients have experienced, the details make all the difference, which are not easily seen.

In this blog post we will discuss three factors that contribute greatly to the improvement of comfort, practicality and the overall captivating experience of the ideal home theater setup Chicago clients will appreciate.  If you are currently in the market for a home theater solution or want to design your own, keep reading to find out more about the latest trends.

Integrated Sound

Home theater sound and specifically sound formats have seen some noteworthy advances in the past five years. Dolby Atmos came in first, followed thereafter by DTS:X. The height channels that these formats add create an enveloping or immersive 3D audio experience, perfect for a home sound system Chicago based clients can enjoy. It’s great to know that many of the latest movies, as well as the content on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Video, are now accessible in Dolby Atmos. Latest technology in home theater receivers can now also give older content a boost by adding stereo and multichannel soundtrack effects, adding some height and creating a high-quality sound. How would this affect your sound system installation Chicago residents ask? Depending on the size and configuration of the room, we recommend the installation of a set or two of ceiling speakers. If installing speakers in the ceiling is not feasible, there are a host of height speaker solutions available to produce the desired effect.

Custom Lighting

Perhaps you have seen home theaters where the ceiling transforms into a beautiful starry night? Transform your home theater space with custom LED lighting. Go with color LED cove lighting to create the ambience of your choosing or create your own starry night with LED lights contrasting with a black ceiling. The versatility of LED lighting allows for creativity to shine through by integrating your custom lighting design with architectural aspects of your very own home theater space. Install some floor-level lighting for ease of movement when a drink or break is needed. Adjust the lighting within the room to match the show, for instance low light for movies and brighter light for sports. A one-touch lighting control system can manage all your lighting requirements. You can also synchronize lights with the start of a show for a great effect.

Automatic Shades

Managing the light within your home theater setup is crucial to create an immersive experience. Not all home theater areas are dedicated windowless spaces, as some form part of another room or space. In a multifunctional theater automatic or motorized shading offers a simple solution to allow just the right amount of light required into your space. For watching movies in complete darkness, you could even consider installing motorized blackout shades behind other window shades. Depending on the day and what you are watching, adjust the shades to block the sun or let in more light, for instance when enjoying daytime sports. Automated blinds can be managed by smart home automation. This can allow your theater AV, lighting, shades and more, to work together to create a unique home theater experience that will keep you coming home for more.

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